Rodney Keith Richardson

Rodney Keith Richardson

An Etching In Time
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Rodney Keith Richardson: An Etching in Time

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An Ethcing In Time

Journey back in time to a simpler, quieter age when families stayed, played, and prayed together. A time when the hero always got the girl and children scurried through wildflower fields catching fireflies in the twilight. It was a time when an outing to the local theater on main street rewarded anxious audiences with action, romance, and majestically orchestrated scores.

American composer Rodney Keith Richardson has recaptured the essence of yesteryear with his beautiful original piano compositions that will arouse sentimental memories of an era gone by. Recorded in a state-of-the-art audio studio on a 7-foot Steinway concert grand, these striking melodies are as fresh as a sweet autumn breeze An Etching in Time

My debut album -  "An Ethcing In Time" is availble for download now. You can choose to download individual tracks or the entire album all at once.

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